Jordan Meehan is an activist, a lawyer, and an Allston renter.

He’s running for State Representative in Suffolk's 17th state house district to fight for housing justice, tenants’ rights, to fix our public transit system, and for bold action on climate change.

Early Life

Jordan was born to two working-class parents in Boston and raised at the end of the Orange Line in Malden. His mother was born and raised in Malden and worked as a secretary for an insurance company until Jordan was born. His father grew up in public housing in Medford and attended night school when Jordan was young, eventually working his way up to become a systems engineer. His family moved to a small town in southern New Hampshire when Jordan was 9.

Jordan came out as gay when he was 15 and was fortunate to receive unconditional love and acceptance from his parents. This experience started Jordan down the path to becoming an LGBTQ rights activist in college. He studied political science at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, focusing on political theory and the nature of political power. 


After college, Jordan moved to Allston and spent two years working in public opinion research, where he worked on several campaigns, including Maura Healey’s 2014 campaign for Attorney General. Healey’s campaign, and her dedication to using the law to fight for working people, was a key factor in Jordan’s decision to go to law school and pursue public service. He entered law school in 2015 at Suffolk University Law School in Boston.


A month after Jordan began law school, his father passed away suddenly from lung cancer, turning his and his mother’s lives upside down. Despite the emotional strain, Jordan persevered through his first year of law school, making frequent trips to New Hampshire on weekends to be with his mom and help her navigate the tough financial decisions that come with loss, including the need to sell their family home. 


Jordan continued his pursuit of public service while in law school, where he worked for five federal and state government agencies, was a top editor of his law journal, and served as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Queer Law Alliance. 


As an intern for the Navy JAG Corps, Jordan worked in legal assistance, where he advocated for disability benefits for transgender soldiers after Defense Secretary Ash Carter lifted the ban on transgender troops serving openly, and further pushed for expanded consumer protections for service members. At the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Jordan worked on high-profile cases of various natures -- including assisting with the prosecution of an auto shop owner who illegally dumped thousands of gallons of waste oil into the Merrimack River. Jordan also worked on a federal civil rights investigation at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, investigating allegations of discrimination against English language learner students with disabilities. 


Jordan’s most recent role is with the Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth. He works in partnership with youth advocates, community organizations, and over a dozen state agencies to advance policies and resources to better the lives of LGBTQ youth across the state. In this role, Jordan advocates for policy and legislative solutions to help homeless youth, reform our juvenile justice system, and build safe and supportive school environments for LGBTQ youth. 


A longtime environmental activist, Jordan has recently served as the Chair of the Massachusetts Sierra Club’s Political Committee, identifying, supporting, and endorsing candidates across Massachusetts who can be counted on to protect the environment and fight for climate action. He is also an active member of the Allston-Brighton node of 350 Mass, a statewide network of climate activists. A vocal and persistent advocate for public transportation, Jordan has long pushed for increased funding for the MBTA and worked on the successful campaign to establish a bus and bike-only lane on Brighton Ave in Allston. Jordan also helped organize a renters’ forum for the 2019 district city council election in Allston-Brighton to highlight the urgent issues facing young renters in the neighborhood.


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Jordan Meehan does not accept donations from housing developers, fossil fuel executives, law enforcement associations, or corporate PACs/lobbyists.